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    First Tier Underwriters is a specialty insurance wholesaler whom specialize in residential and commercial properties in coastal areas.  We target the southeast United States with a focus in Georgia, NE Florida and SE South Carolina.  We have the ability to write in most states as well.  We offer preferred homeowners insurance policies with a focus on high value homes in coastal communities $750,000 and above Coverage A.  We can entertain homes to a minimum of $200,000 Coverage A.  We write all classes of residential, vacant, rental, secondary, primary, builders risk and properties under renovation. 

    We have flood insurance products that compete with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and that are accepted by lenders.  These products match the NFIP forms and conditions as well as the ability to write in excess of maximum limits offered by NFIP.   We can entertain both post and pre firm properties, with and without elevation certificates.  Our focus on these products is in the coastal areas of Georgia, but do have the ability to consider risk outside of coastal Georgia.

    Our target classes of commercial properties are condominium associations, retail / office, restaurants, light industrial, portfolio’s of rental properties, and hotels and motels.  This is not a exhaustive list, but a few of the main classes of business we are able to be competitive on. 

    We differentiate ourselves by our ability to focus on specific classes of business in target areas to provide a more tailored insurance product for the needs of the insurance consumer.  We work with independent insurance agents across the coastal and inland areas of our geographic footprint to provide a best in class offering not only on premiums, but coverage and claims service.  We worth directly with our insurance carriers to ensure we are creating the very best insurance experience for both our appointed agents and their clients.

    Our team proudly serves Coastal Georgia, Northeast Florida, and Southern South Carolina, but can also provide services across the United States of America.

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